For decades, nearly half of early stage breast cancer patients have been receiving chemotherapy treatments they didn’t need. Now, thanks to a special genetic test, available since 2008, it has been proven that it’s possible to accurately predict whether or not chemotherapy will make any difference in patients’ survival rates.

This is a test that every single breast cancer patient should know about and take before agreeing to chemotherapy. The best news is that this test is available in South Africa. Please call me if you are a breast cancer patient and I will direct you to the geneticist who does this test. It’s an absolute must for breast cancer patients.

For more on the test and the report, follow this article link to read about one man’s incredible life story.

In addition, remember that your body also has the ability to heal itself if you are willing to change your lifestyle and give your body the proper nutrients and care.

If this is you, I’d love to take a call or receive an email from you to find out what complementary things you can do from a nutritional perspective to assist you in recovering from this scourge of the modern age.