Improve your lifestyle, eating habits and increase your energy levels!



This is an educational and personal healing opportunity and a plan for your long-term health. January is a great opportunity to reflect on what you can do to improve your lifestyle and eating habits. I really believe it is important to earmark some time for your health.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is feeling sluggish after the festive season’s inactivity and over-eating?
  • Anyone who is suffering with poor digestion?
  • Anyone who is lacking energy
  • Anyone who just wants to attain or maintain good health
  • Anyone with issues of toxicity or congestive/inflammatory problems
  • Anyone who is willing to experience positive health changes

If this sounds like you, SIGN UP together with a friend for my JANUARY 2016 FREE INTRODUCTORY DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM.

What Are the Benefits?

  • A method for lifelong health and quality ageing
  • A way to have consistent energy in your daily life
  • Help with many health issues as well as preventing degenerative disease


36 Lotus Road, Gallo Manor


2 sessions available

Morning 10am-12pm
Evening 6- 8pm

Now is the ideal time to kick start 2016 , to stop any sluggishness or feeling that you have to drag yourself off to do whatever you have to do !

Places are limited, so please make your BOOKING NOW

Looking forward to helping you make the changes

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The Health Mentor

Prof Célène Bernstein

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I really did not feel well at all last year. I felt bloated, low in energy and was under a great deal of stress and was not coping at all in my life. One of my very good friends suggested I join Prof Celene’s Gentle Energising 4 week Detox Programme. I really wasn’t keen as I heard that detox programmes are very strict and there is very little to eat, so I didn’t want to put my body and mind through more stress. My friend insisted that I do it, in fact she said she would join me. Well I have to tell you it was so different to what I anticipated and I just could not believe how much better I felt so quickly. I had so much more energy, my bloatedness was gone and I felt so much more less stressed. I honestly felt a new person. I believe Prof Celene is so clued up on nutrition. Her knowledge is amazing. The detox programme has been the answer to improving my health in general. I really feel I have to be so thankful to my friend for pushing me C.Jacobs

I first approached Prof. Celene re my daughter , who had recently become vegetarian and also was experiencing anxiety about her weight and image in a very negative way. Having seen several of her friends develop eating disorders I was keen to try nip this in the bud. She went on to have 6 sessions where Prof Celene discussed nutrition and how that affected moods, stress and could help with tiredness especially around exam time. During these sessions my daughter visibly began to gain more confidence and as a result did not develop any eating disorder. My daughter told me that Prof Celene was gentle, kind and really understanding. I can’t recommend Prof. Celene highly enough – it is the best investment I made. My daughter is so much more confident, and has no issues whatsoever with food. In fact it’s helped us all as a family to think about what we eat regarding what it will do for our health. Vivienne

Whilst recovering from cancer, I decided to look at my diet to help my recovery as well as preventing a recurrence. I needed some guidance and advice so my Doctor recommended I see Prof Celene. She made me feel comfortable right from the start. She was friendly, yet extremely professional. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. Prof. Celene pointed me in the right direction to get me started for a cleaner, healthier diet. This of course took a little getting used to at first, but Prof. Celene was most encouraging. She also recommended nutritional supplementation to support my recovery which I am still taking. I am so well, full of energy and have had no real health issues since I have been under Prof Celene’s guidance. Thank you for your care and support. Sue

When I started my journey with Prof.. Celene, my goal was to live a healthier lifestyle and to learn how to look after my body by eating the right kind of food. I did lose weight, which for me was the cherry on the top. The group sessions were so interesting and informative and I made new friends. I learnt so much from them. Zest4life has changed my whole attitude towards food. I don’t think I could have done it without the support from Prof.. Celene and the group. Cynthia K

I cannot believe I have waited this long to start enjoying good health. The only sadness I have is why I didn’t do anything sooner. This has been one of the most positive things I have ever done and I feel young and vibrant again! Thank you so much. Fatima

It was after a holiday to America that I decided to get healthy. Looking at photos of myself, I didn’t recognise the overweight person staring back. I had put on weight gradually in the last year and I wanted to do something about it. I had previously embarked on a diet of restriction but found that it made me feel totally deprived and when I did cheat, I had so much guilt. The weight also started creeping back. I decided to see Prof. Celene who immediately put me at ease, listening very attentively to my story. She made me believe in myself and encouraged me that food was to be enjoyed and not to feel overwhelmed with the choices available. Her easy going nature rubbed off on me and I became more relaxed about food and empowered by the knowledge that I was making healthy choices. It did not feel like a diet but a way of life. Following a healthier lifestyle and Prof. Celene’s 80/20 rule meant that I can have the odd treat and not beat myself up over it. I have lost the majority of weight I set out to lose but I have also increased energy and feel that I love myself a little more. I wish I had done this years ago!. Marlene