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Interview with Celene

What makes you the right person to help me?heart orange 336 by 336

I have over 40 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing sector and I am passionate about transforming lives. You CAN change your current and future health today by changing what you eat.

I have many qualifications, see below, but I am most proud of being associated with Slenderslim4 U and Patrick Holford’s New Hybrid diet.  Bringing Patrick’s Zest4life to South Africa has been one of the most exciting projects I have worked on.

Qualifications include:-

  • BA Degree – University of the Witwatersrand, SA
  • Health Specialist – American Health Sciences Institute (Life Science Institute)
  • Professor of Applied Nutrition – American Health Sciences Institute (Life Science Institute)
  • Slender Slim 4 U Clinic– weight loss Specialist
  • Zest4life  Wellness Practitioner
  • Integrative Functional Health & Wellness Practitioner
  • Health Coach & Mentor
  • Member of Health Coaches Association  (HCA)
  • Member: COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • Graduate of Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, IFM (USA) 2012
  • Graduate: Functional Medicine Education Series, IFM, USA

Why do people typically choose to work with you?

  • I work with people who want to break free of old habits and make long-term changes
  • Clients want accountability and support
  • They appreciate personalized, expert guidance

What is it like on a Slenderslim 4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Plan?

I recommend that you read some of the success stories to get a feel what it is like. It has been described in many ways, one of my favourites is: – “the oasis in my week’. Clients often say it provides the ‘me time’ they so badly need”

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