My Super Special Gift to You!

What a delight that you chose to stay in touch with me!

As promised, you can now use your 100% discount Coupon to access and complete this powerful and unique Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (Nutri-Q). Click the link above and buy the program using Coupon code: ‘nutricb100 at checkout to claim your discount. Do not mind that the Program is priced in GBP, just proceed to buy and use the coupon above.

This excellent online questionnaire helps you identify exactly which body systems/organs are most likely contributing to your health difficulties, including weight gain,  and allows us to implement a personalised integrative approach to restore your body balance.

I so look forward to supporting you to understand the questionnaire reports and taking the next steps to bring back your healthy self. Feel free to let your friends and family sign up and take advantage of this 100% discount coupon.

Prof. Celene Bernstein
Your Health Mentor