• If you have tried and failed before regarding weight loss and achieving optimal health , try the Slenderslim 4 U approach together with Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Plan which includes both the Low GL diet and the eating of more healthy fats and cutting down on carbohydrates.  According to Patrick Holford variation is the key to weight loss and improved health.
  • Banting is the term commonly used in South Africa to refer to the LCHF (low carb, healthy fats) lifestyle. LCHF is a lifestyle change and not just a quick diet. This lifestyle is by far one of the best solutions to permanent weight loss mostly due to the fact that we eliminate sugars, junk foods, refined foods and processed junk.
    LCHF is about following a straight forward clean lifestyle. You can almost refer to it as going back to ‘traditional eating’, ‘real eating’ or ‘original eating’, because we simply embrace real food and home cooked meals.

On the Slenderslim 4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Programme you will: 

  • Follow a  Low Carb, Moderate Protein  and High Fat programme of eating –The LCHF diet has been proven by many doctors to be twice as effective than low calorie or low fat diets
  • Find out if your weight issues could be related to  health issues, which are often simple to resolve such as Diabetes Type 1 and 2; Insulin resistance; High cholesterol; High blood Pressure;  Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease; Heartburn or GERD; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Leaky gut; Gout; Acne; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; and Thyroid issues.
  • Learn how to banish cravings in just a few days
  • Follow a structured step by step process with meal plans and recipes  You will learn how to use the Slenderslim 4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Programme to regain health and lose weight. Our body runs on glucose from carbs and ketones from our body fat. Alternating between the two is the hottest health secret – because something magical happens when we switch between a ‘slow’ carb and a high fat diet: it sets up a healthy cycle of new cell growth and repair, and body fat is burnt more efficiently, mimicking the natural cycle of feast and famine. Switching regularly between Slow Carbs and High Fat is like nutritional yoga. You become ‘carb adapted’ – craving less sweet foods, and ‘fat adapted’ – able to burn and derive energy efficiently from fat. 


  • Weight loss results are commonly 5-6 kilos in 6 weeks with significant improvements in a range of health areas such as energy, digestion, mood, concentration, skin, hair, lower body fat percentage, reduced PMS and reduced cholesterol levels.
  • The Slenderslim 4 U /Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Programme teaches you about healthy eating for weight loss, wellbeing and energy, in a way you can continue for the rest of your life – giving you back control of your health.
  • Research shows that you are 80% more likely to succeed if you set clear goals and commit to them with your trained motivational coach.
  • Receive weekly body composition analysis
  • Personal food diary recommendations
  • Coaching

Even if you cannot attend Slenderslim 4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet Programme face to face, I also offer Skype calls sharing my slides, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.  


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