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A detox is the first step to improving your lifestyle, eating habits and increasing energy levels!

Who Should Join?

    • Anyone who is feeling sluggish due to inactivity and poor eating habits
    • Anyone who is suffering with poor digestion
    • Anyone who is lacking energy
    • Anyone who just wants to attain or maintain good health
    • Anyone with issues of toxicity or congestive/inflammatory problems
    • Anyone who wants to experience positive health changes

If this sounds like you (and maybe even some of your friends as well), SIGN UP HERE for my 9-day REJUVENATING AND CLEANSING PROGRAMME.


By following the above programme you will reach ketosis

  • Humans have been designed through millions of years of evolution to burn two different sorts of fuel – glucose (which comes from the carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables) and ketones (which are made in the body from fat). Yet while everybody knows that glucose provides energy, very few people have even heard of ketones, let alone the positive effects this other fuel can have.
  • Ketones are at the heart of a dietary revolution to transform health and maximize performance. Experts in sports nutrition are using a diet that produces ketones to allow endurance athletes to run much further, without refueling, than those who rely on glucose and carbohydrate loading. That’s one reason why British cyclists started clocking up golds.
  • This approach isn’t solely for athletes. A small but growing number of Functional medical doctors especially in the UK and USA are putting their diabetes patients on a Low carb /ketogenic diet as a way of treating diabetes. The drop in weight and improvement in the control of blood sugar has been remarkable. But it turns out that the ketone diet has even more to offer. It opens the door to a new way of looking at what makes us sick and what keeps us fit and healthy.
  • The Ketone diet is a hugely exciting vision and it’s tempting to think that all that’s needed is a screeching U turn on the low fat diet that has dominated dietary advice for the last 40 years – Cut right down on carbohydrates and eat more healthy fats.
  • In fact, hunger is largely triggered, and switched off, by your blood sugar level. If we eat more than we need, which nearly everyone does in the affluent world, where food is abundant, we store the excess as fat. In our evolutionary past this served us well. During lean times, when hunting was bad, rain was scarce or when foods were out of season, those with good fat stores survived. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with carbs – unless you have too many of the wrong kind.
  • Controlling your intake is the key to all successful weight loss and disease-reversing diets. This can be achieved in two ways:
  1. By dramatically cutting carbs and eating fats and oils instead. Think of this as burning oil.
  2. By eating slow-releasing, ‘whole’ carbs in controlled amounts. Think of this as running on electricity. From a survival perspective you can think of these two in parallel to our programmed ability to hunt and to gather.
  • After years of dutifully taking the skin off chicken and selecting low fat milk  you’ve almost certainly seen articles saying low fat advice has been a big mistake. Instead, low carbohydrates, the hallmark of the Slenderslim 4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet, is the way to go.
  • Motivation is a major part of the Slenderslim4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid diet. Without the right level of support, it is very difficult for clients to succeed. All our motivational coaching tools are unique and research shows that clients are up to 80% more likely to succeed if they set weekly goals and progress trackers and make a commitment to stick to them with a trained coach. So without this valuable part of the programme, something that is unique to Slenderslim4 U/Patrick Holford’s Hybrid Diet, you are already compromising your chances of success.
  • We also show you why occasional fasts are really good for you triggering the equivalent of a full engine service, called autophagy – the key to youthful rejuvenation. Even the simple act of not eating for 13 hours, which can be achieved by eating no later than 8pm and not having breakfast before 9am, does you the world of good.

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