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Read about the history and principles behind  Patrick Holford’s highly succesful zest4life programmes…

Introducing Patrick Holford’s zest4life programmes

Patrick Holford’s zest4life programmes combine the very best nutritional science with motivational coaching and support in lively and fun groups or as a personal service.


zest4life is an exciting, new and powerful nutrition education and weight loss programme designed to motivate you to change your health, your body and your well-being permanently and safely under the guidance of a trained and qualified Health Professional and Coach. Each programme comprises weekly motivational group workshops, each lasting 1-2 hours. The groups range in size from 8 to 20 people (one to one consultations and small groups are also available).


The zest4life process was developed by a team of experts including Patrick Holford (one of Britain’s most respected nutritionists and bestselling author) to fill the need for a more intelligent and healthy approach with better long term results. We added the vital ingredient of motivational weight loss coaching to help clients set goals, overcome emotional eating patterns and barriers to success, and stay motivated to reach their objectives and really change their lives.


Motivation is a major part of the zest4life programme. Without the right level of support, it is very difficult for clients to succeed. All our motivational coaching tools are unique to zest4life and research shows that clients are up to 80% more likely to succeed if they set weekly goals and progress trackers and make a commitment to stick to them with a trained coach. So without this valuable part of the programme, something that is unique to zest4life, you are already compromising your chances of success.

“I think that this fantastic result is a testament to how you are motivating us. Your honest and straightforward approach is enlightening, not over-promising or making us feel that food is taboo, but something that can be tailored to each individual’s specific needs” (zest4life participant).- Helen

What is the Low GL eating plan and what is good about it?

You will follow Patrick Holford’s delicious and easy to follow, gourmet low GL diet which has proven in many trials to be twice as effective as low calorie, low fat diets. Patrick is the top expert in losing weight in the way the body was designed to.


Many people are confused by the myriad of fad diets and conflicting information in books and magazines. We provide you with the opportunity to re-learn how to eat properly and healthily – in a way you can continue for the rest of your lives, without eliminating any food groups. You should never feel hungry or suffer from cravings or energy dips. Following a low GL diet banishes all of these common setbacks. You will be re-setting your body, from being sluggish and fat-storing, transforming it into an efficient fat-burning machine – and all it takes is 30 days to feel the difference.

“I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating and I was wrong! The difference this has made was immediate and it is a way of eating I plan to adopt for life. I feel better than I have for years. So much more energy and I am not hungry”. (zest4life participant).- Dinah

What results can I expect?

At zest4life we will show you step by step how to achieve amazing results and feel better than you have done for years. Client weight loss results are consistent, with significant improvements in a range of health areas such as energy, digestion, mood, concentration, skin, hair, body fat percentage plus many others.


On many diets you are simply reducing your metabolic rate which is why the weight loss isn’t permanent and piles back on again. Trials show that this does not happen when following a low GL diet making it much more likely that weight loss is maintained.


Many people have very low energy levels which often reduce even further when following any weight loss diet. The first thing we do at zest4life is to balance your blood sugar to raise your energy levels so you feel better, look better and have more energy for exercise, essential if you are to reach your goals.


Because zest4life programmes are run by fully qualified Health and Wellbeing professionals who are also trained as Coaches, we can make sure you get the right support. You may have other health issues that need to be addressed – sometimes these can be the reason why weight loss has been difficult in the past and it is important that you have a qualified person available to you to identify problem areas and take the appropriate action. This is why our clients report such significant health improvements as well as significant weight loss results when attending a zest4life group programme.


Group numbers are always restricted so that you get the personal attention and individual dietary advice and recommendations you need to really make a difference to your health, your body, your looks and your confidence.


Your health is the best investment you could possibly make. This is ‘intelligent’ weight loss for people who are serious about improving their health and are ready to commit and take action now.

“I woke up this morning feeling full of life and vitality. I cannot remember feeling this way for a very long time. I have lost 4kg and feel a strong desire to lose more. I have survived Autumn with less colds and feel more in charge of my emotions than ever before. Thank you zest4life.” (zest4life participant) – Mayling

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