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Introducing Professor Celene Bernstein

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  I am Prof Celene Bernstein, your Health Mentor.

I work with women who want to reclaim their zest4life.

Are you a burned-out, stressed-out high-flying woman who has declared “NO MORE!”

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If you’ve had enough of feeling exhausted, of dragging yourself through your day, being out of shape, and not looking and feeling your best – suffer no longer, help is at hand!

If you are the woman who:

  • Has been working hard, either personally or professionally, for YEARS (maybe decades) and has let your health and wellbeing be relegated to the bottom of the pile?
  • Relies on coffee, wine, chocolate and/or comfort eating to get you through your day?
  • Dreads looking in full-length mirrors, has started to shop for ‘safe’ clothes and will only do head shots for photos?
  • Desires more than anything to feel radiant, alive, in control and truly healthy for perhaps the first time in a long time?

If this is you and you’ve decided that it’s YOUR time now, then you’re in exactly the right place.

I do this by using the very best nutrition science from Slenderslim 4 U and Patrick Holford’s new Hybrid Diet combined with gentle but firm coaching support. My clients say that following my programmes have improved their energy, enabled them to maintain weight loss and regain their zest4life! Would you like to join them?

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If this sounds like you…….. please complete the details on this page. I would love to offer you my free 30 minute Health & Energy Review. During this telephone assessment I will also provide my top 3 tips on how to improve your health and energy within the next 10 days!          I would love to help you!


This is what Marilda says about working with me…
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February Diet Trial and Emotional Eating Programme

Interview with Marilda van Niekerk – May 2015

Prof Celene Bernstein: What was your situation like before we started to work together?

Marilda: I was not interested in any form of diet or weight-loss programme.  However Celene phoned me and insisted that I join the zest4life free diet-trial.

Prof Celene Bernstein: What reservations, if any, did you have about working with me before?

Marilda: I was afraid that it would be the same story of having to eat a set amount of food each day and then I will pick all the weight up again at the end of the diet. I did not know Celene and was very sceptical about the whole thing.

Prof Celene Bernstein:  What has the process of working with me been like?

Marilda:  To work with Celene has given me a new lease of life.   I was taught why I should look at what I eat and how it will benefit or disagree with my body. For the first time I know what food does to me and this gave me the power to be in charge of my own weight loss and I could choose what I want to eat.

Professor Celene Bernstein: What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

Marilda: I lost 24 kg since February 2015 and I am not tired of the eating program or feeling deprived.  I look better, feel better, have more energy and realise for the first time how easy it is to be in charge of your own health and lifestyle. I am never going to stop with this eating program!!!

Prof Celene Bernstein:  Anything else you would like to add?

Marilda: It has been a pleasure to work with Celene. I have referred some of my friends and have a list of people who want to join the next programme. Marilda