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Prof Celene Bernstein

Hi, I’m Prof. Celene Bernstein, also known as “The Health Mentor”. I specialise in helping burned-out, stressed-out high-flying women regain their health, sexiness and happiness through a simple yet powerful holistic well researched programme of eating, as well as beneficial lifestyle changes. Back in 1979, I was one of those stressed out high flying woman. I was left tired and irritable. As a result of the changes I made, I am now at the age of 78 years full of energy, have clarity of vision, have time to run my business as well as enjoy a full personal life.

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I have been interested in the field of alternative health for 40 years. I have a B.A. degree in remedial teaching from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and taught mentally challenged children for many years. Subsequently I taught normal children in the local government schools, where I came across many learning problems which might have been overlooked but for my experience with mentally challenged children.

I realised the great urgency to change the eating patterns of these children, if parents wanted better behaviour, improved health and better learning skills. I achieved all that as well as improved health. In fact, many children on Ritalin were able to reduce their dosage and others did not take it anymore.

I was awarded a professorship in an honourary capacity by the Life Science Institute because of a thesis I wrote on “How the body acts on the food we eat” In 1994.
I also became the agent for the same course I did in America, here in S.Africa. I had over 30 students who completed the course.

I give lectures on various health topics, run workshops on personalized eating programmes, wrote articles for various health magazines, and today I do private nutritional consulting.

I appear on a number of radio stations, where my sole concern is to spread the information that I have gained from my continual research.

I also attend many seminars and courses on a continual basis, which gives me the opportunity to improve my knowledge as well as keep up to date with recent research.

I authored the book “ HEALTH SEEKERS”. I wanted to help those people who were unable to see me personally to start improving their health. I also felt that once people have this information and guidance, it will encourage them to improve their eating patterns and lifestyle.

Dr. Andre Kruger (Sinden) from Hoogland Hydro has this to say about Health Seekers: “Celene has managed what many of us have longed to do. She has, in this book, opened a passage between the synthetic “real” world we live in, and the Paradise we strive to move into.”

Professor Reuben Musiker (international biographer – University of the Witwatersrand) said “In a field characterised by a production of health related books, comes an exceptional work of great merit. Engaging, informative and a pleasure to read. Here is a work ideally suited for South African conditions, but applicable universally."

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I work with women who want to reclaim their zest4life.

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My name is Prof. Celene Bernstein, your health mentor, a graduate of Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, your nutritionist and a Certified Keto/Low Carb and Hybrid Diet coach with over 40 years experience in the health and mentoring field.


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